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Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins!

Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins!

Secure your assets with Blockbrain’s Ledger Nano X Raffle

“I got 99 Ledgers, so my Bitcoin ain’t gone.” – JayWeb3

At Blockbrain, we believe in creating a secure web3 environment for investors. We want to equip you with the resources to protect your digital assets against crypto scammers. That is why we are excited to partner up with Ledger and reward 99 of our early supporters with a custom-made Ledger Nano X cold wallet.

What is a cold (hardware) wallet?

A cold wallet is like an unbreakable safe to store your crypto and NFTs in. Whenever it isn’t connected to your device, it also isn’t connected to the internet (this is where the “cold” comes from). As a result, the wallet is much more secure against hackers and criminals.

As showcased by FTX and Celsius Network, you don’t actually own your assets on most centralized platforms. More often than not, when you transfer your tokens to a central exchange, you become an unsecured lender to the underlying company. Consequently, if the company goes bankrupt, you can say goodbye to your coins.

While we cannot prevent bad actors from going bust, we can help protect the assets you already own.

Cold wallets help you safeguard your digital assets by giving you full control over your keys and assets. Hence, the terms self-custody and non-custodial wallets.

With great power comes great responsibility

Take good care of your backup (seed) phrase!

The seed phrase is like a combination to your safe. It is a set of unique words that you need to unlock your wallet. It is also not connected to the internet, so it is nearly impossible for scammers to access it.

When first setting up your brand-new Ledger Nano X, you will be prompted to write down your new backup phrase. Keep that phrase in a secure place where only you or your loved ones can access it – it can be used to restore your wallet on a different device should your Ledger ever be lost or damaged.

Don’t get us wrong, if you accidentally sign a malicious transaction, you can still lose your funds, even with a cold wallet. Still, you can finally gain peace of mind knowing that you are protected against the majority of common traps if your cold wallet isn’t connected to your laptop, PC, or mobile devices.

How can I participate?

Head over to and create a new account using your email, Twitter, Google, or GitHub Account. Just signing up nets you your first ticket! Easy as that! Want a better chance of winning? Connect your Twitter profile and follow us, and you got another two tickets. One more if you let us keep you up-to-date about Blockbrain via our email newsletter. For more details, visit our rewards page.


Gain more tickets by telling others. If you want to contribute to our movement, spread the word and help your fellow investors gear up against web3 scammers. You can gain an additional ticket for every friend you invite using your personal referral link (up to a total of 10 tickets per user). The best part? They get an extra ticket as well!

It’s time to #ReclaimTheChain!

Sign up here before our giveaway ends on 18.01.2023, 11:59 PM CET. Good luck.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, and have a great start to 2023!

With love,

Your Blockbrain Team

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