Market Cap
$204.76 Million


Streetwear Fashion

The brand fuses streetwear and Asian culture, gave holders reversible bomber jackets, and partnered with Ambush to provide exclusive gear.

Note: Azuki holders received the Tiger Reversible Bomber Jacket for free including international shipping. The Ambush merch drop was limited in quantity and was sold exclusively to the community for premium prices (Hoodies for $575, Silver Pendants for $425, Gold Pendants for $1285). Chiru labs made about $1 million from the Ambush sale.

Parties and Events

Azuki has organized two exclusive in-person events in Los Angeles and New York in 2022 for holders. Each experience was immersive and received positive feedback. Wiz Khalifa performed as a guest in LA and Lupe Fiasco in NYC.

Note: Entry, drinks, and food were included for free during both events. There were also several community-organized events around the world.



Each Azuki holder received two BEANZ NFTs (around $10,000 each at the time). Another airdrop was the Tiger Twin Jacket NFT which was redeemable for a real handsewn jacket for free.

Note: The jacket shipment arrived in February 2023 with a significant delay but received high praise from the community for its quality and design.

Intellectual Property

Some Azuki and Beanz NFT holders have been able to utilize their IP to create personal brands and consumer products, such as VIB3 Energy, Red Bean Coffee, and Zenny Pop.

Note: The Chiru Labs team provided key support by connecting them with the right people, enabling them to capitalize on their digital assets with their own creativity.

Digital Identity

Many holders were able to utilize their digital Azuki identity and its blue-chip status symbol to gain thousands of followers on social media and build brands around content creation and the IP.

Collectors Profile

Alpha Group and Project Reports

There is a dedicated alpha team in the Azuki Discord server that creates regular alpha reports and project analysis for Chiru Labs holders.

Note: Because Azuki is considered a blue-chip collection, some new NFT collections give out free allow list spots to Azuki holders for marketing purposes.

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