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We just built a game that is so much further ahead than any other project in this space that it’s scary. In a fraction of the time. We have the largest and most skilled team in GameFi. Clearly, it is showing in the speed and quality of our delivery. I’m not talking about us missing a date. I am talking about raw start to finish delivery of the product.

We have nearly 1.5m people who have registered to play our beta.

Kieran Warwick, Illuvium Co-Founder


The reviews are conducted by institutions and individuals both as insiders and independent entities of the Illuvium community
Scoriox’ Game review

The only concern I see with this is that once I finish collecting all the Illuvials, I think it’s gonna feel a little bit empty.

The gameplay loop is very solid. You can’t help but feel like, “Yes! Today wasn’t wasted”.

Scoriox, Illuvium Council Member

I backed two game studios who ran out of runway.

It’s always the same story. Most of the issue could have been averted.

It’s just the nature of web3.

Young inexperienced founders flushed with $$$millions via crowd (degen) funding.

Jaganite, Magically Ambassador

Jaganite’s response to the slow game development

Illuvium looks promising on paper. However, there’s very little game development experience in the team and not a ton of footage available – and delays already.

• Deep and enjoyable gameplay mechanics
• Unreal Engine 4 promises immersive world
• 100% of revenue goes back to the community
• Strong token release strategy
• Room for expansion and spin-offs

• Novice development team
• Pitches based on concept art
• Game delay likely
• Only 100 Illuvials at launch

Chris Stead, Finder Sports, Entertainment, and Travel Editor

There were hardly any play-to-earn games in the crypto industry that I could play for hours on end.

I personally have been playing quite a number of these games over the past year and I can shamefully admit that all I’ve had to do was click a few buttons on the screen to earn some crypto.

This is where Illuvium comes in with its claim to be a ‘AAA game on the blockchain’.

While I am absolutely in love with the game design and graphic models of Illuvium, I’ve remembered to take it with a pinch of salt keeping in mind the brutally short life span of games in the blockchain and play-to-earn space.

Kevin Jayaraj, Coin Bureau Writer

Lemz’ thoughts on Illuvium

What sets Illuvium apart from most of blockchain games is these fully rendered 3D environments, which promise to truly bridge the gap between the world of blockchain and the world of gaming, given that most blockchain games to date have been 2D, sprite-based games.

IGN Staff, IGN Africa

• Potentially one of the first AAA Web3 releases (full launch)
• Strong eSport potential (Arena)
• 2 of 4 games already in beta (which are impressive)
• Fair launch of in-game assets (no pre-sale)
• Player driven economy
• Revenue Distribution

• Underestimated timelines and missed product launch dates
• Runway is only ~12 months (may need additional revenue streams)
• Lacking details on in-game monetization (primarily fuel prices)

I am bullish on the future of Illuvium. The determination of the Warwick brothers (founders) and the quality team they have built has shown what they are capable of. There may be some roadblocks, but I think the team will persevere and overcome them.

Lemz, Ethlizards Social Media & Liason

Balthazar Team Review

Whether Illuvium will be the game that bridges web2 gamers over to the world of GameFi is quite uncertain on our end.

Illuvium has perhaps the highest social media follower count of any web3 games to date.

Nicholas (NicoThePico) Korsgård, Balthazar DAO Chief Gaming Officer

Lehalel’s concerns about Illuvium’s risk management

Business > Ego
Survival > Crypto Hopes

Risk management! Remember that Illuvium is a “company” not a crypto-bros-yolo-investment

Lehalel, Illuvium Community Member


The signs all point towards the closest thing we might have to a triple-A title in our industry with a visually stunning world.

• Stunning visuals
• Over 100 unique Illuvials
• Vast open world with 7 regions
• Mixture or two popular genres

• PC specs barrier of entry


Mostafa Salem, Polkastarter Head of Gaming Research

There is only 1 other real competitor to TFT which is Auto Chess.

Taking market share from a monopoly is much more viable compared to other genres like FPS.

Teamfight Tactics has 33 million monthly players. Let’s be conservative with these numbers and say we’re only able to take 10% of the market share.

3.3 million monthly players on launch is not conservative. It’s going to be a slow and steady grow.

Tarren Gill, Illuvium Influencer Manager

I’ve got huge respect for you guys [Framework Ventures] and agree with 90% of your takes, so now I feel like I’m totally missing something here.

My concern isn’t the stuff they’ve done so far itself. More than they seem to pivot to develop popular game styles based on the latest gaming trend & seem to be taking on way too much without a clear direction.

Feels there is always something new rather than something complete.

Adam Cochran, Cinneamhain Ventures Managing Partner

Demographic insights about Illuvium holders

In total, there are 40,371 unique blockchain wallets that own one or more Illuvium assets in 2023 (excluding overlaps). In other words, the wallets own an ILV or ILV2.

Holders in the Illuvium ecosystem own several products of the project. For example, there are 1879 unique wallets that hold both an ILV and sILV2.

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