$ILV Price
Market Cap
$308.25 Million

December 31, 2021

Discord Hack

On New Year’s Eve 2021, Illuvium’s Discord server was hacked as attackers gained access to a core contributor’s account, posting a bot announcement with a fraudulent website in the #💼│jobs channel sharing a “New Year NFT Stealth Mint“.

In total, $150,000 worth of funds were stolen from approximately 41 wallets determined with the help of Chainalysis.

#💼│jobs channel post

The Illuvium Discord was just hacked, sending out hundreds of messages and repeating them at 1 per second. Losses yet to be counted. Be safe!

P2E News

@everyone it’s a scam! please be careful we are working on it

Dmitriy │ Illuvium

January 03, 2022

sILV Vulnerability

The Illuvium team discovered a vulnerability in their V1 staking contract.

The attacker had already minted approximately 8,000 sILV in small amounts undetected

As soon as the attacker realized the vulnerability was discovered, he started selling the tokens – in response, the eDAO (Kieran, Danny, Rogier, Justin, Marcel) tries to shut down $sILV by minting large amounts and draining the Uniswap pool effectively driving the price to $0.

sILV Uniswap Pool

The attacker removed approximately 335 ETH; the eDAO saved an additional 117 ETH

Kieran │ Illuvium

The sILV pool was never an official Illuvium creation but we take the financial safety of our token holders very seriously and have acted to make sure they did not lose any funds.

Aaron │ Illuvium

January 31, 2022

Detailed Update, Response, and Compensation

The Illuvium team publishes a report of the recent events and devised compensation through an airdrop directly back to the affected account in the Discord hack.

Server security was then enhanced and a rescue snapshot was taken to reimburse the individuals who interacted with the deprecated pool.

June 05, 2022

Land Sale Marketing Stunt

Illuvium is reputed to operate and market its achievements in doublespeak and could mislead investors and players that do not dig deep into a project.

A community member iterates accurate figures and explains that the real value of the land sale was $7.2 million.

June 09, 2023

Staking Reward Issues

The conversion of the ILV Staking App from version 1 to version 2 led to a situation where stakers missed out on yields.

Despite having been reported 4 months earlier, it was considered a known bug by Immunefi, and was not immediately resolved until late August.

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