$ILV Price
Market Cap
$308.25 Million

Venture Capital – Framework Ventures

Illuvium was an easy investment to make for a few reasons.

#1. Illuvium will likely be the first crypto-native Triple A game with DeFi-like staking mechanics
#2. Strong crypto-native IP will outperform
#3. Kieran Warwick and co. are on a mission
#4. They are Australians

Vance Spencer, Framework Ventures Co-Founder

Note: Framework Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on investing in and supporting blockchain projects founded by Michael Anderson and Vance Spencer and is based in San Francisco, California.

Sports Team – Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

As a passionate Bulldogs supporter, I am so honoured to be able to help support this great club. We look forward to creating some unique opportunities to engage Bulldogs fans with Illuvium in some fun and exciting ways in 2022, and to being a part of the future of the Bulldogs. We look forward to welcoming Bulldogs fans & the wider Rugby League community to the online blockchain gaming space in 2022.

Kieran Warwick, Illuvium Co-Founder

Note: Kieran Warwick is a Bulldogs fan and always knew that the partnership would be special as it is the first elite sporting partnership for Illuvium.

Guilds – Yield Guild Games

Note: Yield Guild Games is the world’s first and biggest web3 gaming guild allowing players to earn real-world money or digital items.

Games with communities that are powered by web3, within these DAOs, with a token of ownership makes everything more explosive as your players are now empowered by co-creation, loyalty, and accountability. Blockchain games like Axie Infinity or Illuvium create these new forms of empowerment.

Gabby Dizon, Yield Guild Games Co-Founder

Note: Gabby and Kieran discuss blockchain games and their future on The Bankless Podcast Episode: Are Play-to-Earn Games Fun?

ESports – Team Queso

Team Queso is a top Spanish esports team that dominates mainstream games, with 30+ million YouTube subscribers partners with Illuvium venturing into Web3 gaming by covering and playing Illuvium games.

Web3 Communities – Ethlizards

Note: Ethlizards is an investment DAO borne out of the community of degenerate NFT traders in the Illuvium Discord.

Note: Kieran is a key advisor to Ethlizards which aim to be the CryptoPunks of GameFi.

Gaming Merchandise – GameStop

GameStop is an American video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer and is the largest video game retailer worldwide.

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