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Founders Background

The Warwick Brothers have a background in trading, sports, arts and are reputed as competitive self-taught learners and avid gamers since childhood. They have operated multi-million dollar retail franchises and long-standing businesses. Kieran owns Burger Collective, Aaron directs two major Australian sporting complexes in Sydney, and Grant created an advanced training resource through Mastering CGI.

The Warwick Brothers
Grant – Aaron – Kieran – Kain

Kieran Warwick, the youngest of the brothers, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in e-commerce and crypto. He built a successful business with 100,000 reviews and 20,000 monthly app users partnering with DoorDash.

DoorDash is a food delivery service that connects customers with local restaurants for on-demand delivery or pickup through its app and website.

After losing money in the ICO boom of 2017, Kieran was encouraged by Kain to re-enter the crypto market giving him $100,000. Kieran made significant profits from his brother’s help sparking his ambition to start a venture capital firm.

Kieran at Burger Collective

Kieran‘s passion for crypto led him to Blueshyft, where his brother Kain serves as co-founder and CEO. Blueshyft successfully launched the world’s first OTC cryptocurrency exchange.

Blueshyft is an Australian platform enabling cash transactions for crypto and digital wallet top-ups at participating retail outlets.

As DeFi was emerging, Kieran being experienced in penny stocks trading, sought to create a groundbreaking DeFi project and enlisted his brother Aaron‘s help.

Aaron Warwick studied Computer Engineering and Physics at the University of Wollongong in Australia. His early fascination for logic, mathematics, and growing technologies, found him obsessed with building and programming games.

Aaron Warwick at Kim Warwick’s Tennis Academy

Post-college, he worked at Harvey Norman, became a franchisee, coached tennis, and tutored high school subjects while gaining skills in biomechanics, sales, marketing, and programming.

Harvey Norman is a large Australian-based retail chain operating in a franchise model specializing in electronics, computers, furniture, and home appliances.

Counterintuitively, the other co-founder and brother, Grant Warwick, initially skeptical about NFTs, was persuaded by his brother Kieran to join the team. Operating under a pseudonym based on polymath John von Neumann, Grant later revealed his identity when they released their first gameplay trailer.

Grant Warwick in an Evermotion Interview

Grant has extensive experience of 20 years in film, print, television commercials, games, and teaching. He started early at 17 and was a former lead CGI artist for LightFarm Studios and Cream Electric Art as well as a teacher for Chaos Group and a freelance artist for Marvel – Hasbro as seen in his portfolio.

Family Connections

The three co-founders are siblings of Kain Warwick, the creator of Synthetix, a leading DeFi project since 2017.

Synthetix, formerly known as Havven, allows users to create and trade synthetic assets that track real-world currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.
Kieran and Kain Warwick


Kieran Warwick


13+ years of experience in sales
working for Burger Collective, Blueshyft,
Audio Invasion, Harvey Norman

9+ years experience in cryptocurrency trading and investing

Co-Founder of Cryptocurrency Australia and DeFi Alliance

Aaron Warwick

Co-founder, Game Designer

10+ years of experience in sales and franchising for Harvey Norman

Self-taught in Math, Cryptography, Game Development, Computer Programming

Computer Engineering and Physics Graduate from the University of Wollongong

Grant Warwick

Co-founder, Art Director

20+ years in film, print, television commercials, games, and teaching industries

10+ years of experience in 3D modeling and visualization working for Coca-Cola, Samsung, Audi

Taught Advanced CGI to 5,000+ students from Marvel, Disney, Pixar, Sony, Apple, Ikea

Core Contributors

John Avery

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

13+ years in technical consulting for tech companies like Oracle, Limestone, Redrock

10+ years in product development for Oobikoo, JNA Mobile

Danny Wilson

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

20+ years in directorship for businesses such as Harvey Norman, Burger Collective

3 years experience as Co-Founder and CEO at Oracle Ventures, Onsport

2 years in advisory roles for other Web3 projects such as Mars4, Utopia Labs, Ertha. Aether Games

Itamar Amith

Head of Architecture

2 years in software development for Adaxa, POLi Payments

2 years in solution and software engineering at PointsBet, Carsales

Ena Berbic

Head of Digital Marketing

2 years experience in product and social media marketing for Firesquid, Lightbulb

1 year experience in gaming product management for Playrion, Hype

Basil Gorin

Blockchain Director

15+ years as a software developer and engineer for Starpoint Solutions, Vimas Technologies, Infopulse, Data Cradle

7+ years as a solutions architect for CML Team, Paxnet

5+ years as blockchain engineer and advisor for Toptal, NagriTech, Verification Block Solutions, 108Token, Atticus

Rogier van de Beek

Head of Concept Art

13+ years as owner of Beek-Art and founder of CGT-Studios, Frozen Torch Interactive

10+ years as lead artist at Defiance Game Studio, Frozen Torch Interactive

3+ years as creative and arts director at BuildTeam, Neojac Entertainment, S3 Studios

Alexandre Belbari

Head of Animation

7+ years as an animation supervisor in Pixomondo, Method Studios, Trixter, GE, City of Melbourne, Industrial Light and Magic

Pedro Bergamini

Head of Blockchain

2+ years as full stack engineer at AdviceHealth

9 months as co-founder and CTO for Zero Day Labs

5 months as a blockchain engineer at LearnToDapp

Benjamin Nietzsche

Head of Game Design

6+ years as co-founder of Aquus Games

5 years as a lead game designer at HeadByte Studios

2+ years third-party consultant at Riot Games

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