$ILV Price
Market Cap
$308.25 Million

Illuvium Is Fueled by Two Tokens: $ILV and $sILV2

$ILV is the traditional investment and governance token of Illuvium, whereas $sILV2 is like “cash” that you can spend to operate within Illuvium games or to buy Illuvium-related products.

Andrew Wall, Executive Producer at Illuvium

Illuvium ($ILV)

ILV (Illuvium) is a digital currency on the Ethereum blockchain that is utilized to compensate players for their in-game accomplishments and grants players access to a portion of the Illuvium Vault.

Owning ILV also allows participation in the governance of the game through the Illuvium Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

ILV can be staked in the Illuvium Protocol to earn rewards.

ILV has a maximum supply of 10M distributed as per the table below:

Escrowed Illuvium 2 ($sILV2)

sILV2 (synthetic ILV version two) is an in-game currency pegged to the value of ILV used for traveling or shard-curing (items for catching and containing the Illuvials). It can be earned through staking ILV and can also be used to purchase Illuvium land, avatars, or other future assets in the ecosystem. Whenever you mint sILV2, you burn an equivalent amount of ILV effectively decreasing the total supply of ILV.

Note: sILV (synthetic ILV) was the original in-game token before it was upgraded to sILV2 due to an exploit. It is currently worthless and everyone is instructed not to buy or interact with it.

SushiSwap ILV-ETH (SLP)

SLP (SushiSwap Liquidity Provider) is a token representing ILV and ETH pairs used for yield farming or earning interest for providing liquidity in the SushiSwap Decentralized Exchange.

Rewards for staking ILV/ETH are substantially higher than staking ILV due to risks of Impermanent Loss.


Impermanent Loss is the cost that liquidity providers pay for providing liquidity to a DeFi protocol.

It is called "impermanent" because the loss only exists if the price of the assets changes while they are in the pool, and the loss is only realized when the assets are withdrawn.

SLP (ILV/ETH) can be staked in the Illuvium Protocol to earn rewards.

The Claim: 100% of Revenue Earned by Illuvium is Distributed to ILV Stakers

Illuvium shares 100% of its revenue from all the games with those who hold and “stake” (lock up) their ILV tokens. This is similar to receiving dividends from a company.

Illuvium shares 100% of its revenue from all the games with those who hold and “stake” (lock up) their ILV tokens. This is similar to receiving dividends from a company.

Revenue distributed could include in-game purchases (skins, revivals), sponsorships, merchandise, NFT sales, eSports revenue, and more

Income generated by the Illuvium ecosystem is put into a virtual “vault.” At random intervals, this money is used to buy ILV tokens from the market, which are then distributed among ILV stakers.

Every single game, every single bit of IP we will ever make as Illuvium Labs Studio, we will be using the ILV token. I will be here for minimum 10 years plus.

Kieran Warwick, Co-Founder

What Illuvium needs to succeed with their tokenomics model:

1. A large number of players who enjoys the game

2. High levels of economic activity within the game

3. A strong brand presence

Yield Farming Rewards

Bi-weekly rewards for each Staking Pool

A total of 3 million ILV is distributed to ILV/ETH (80% = 2.4M) and ILV (20% = 600K) stakers every 14 days. This reward distribution will have an adjustment ratio of 97% – meaning for every new two-week period (also called a cycle), the total number of tokens given out as rewards will be slightly less than the previous cycle.

Token Unlocks

CategoryAmount (in $ILV)Percentage of Total SupplyUnlock PeriodUnlock Start DateNotes
Pre-seed & Seed Sales Tokens2,000,00020%1 yearMarch 2022Unlocked gradually
Team (Upper Management)1,400,00014%3 yearsMarch 2022Unlocked gradually
Rest of the Team100,0001%1 yearMarch 2022Same unlock schedule as seed and pre-seed tokens
Treasury1,500,00015%N/AN/AManaged by DAO; 15k airdropped, 150 used monthly
Launchpad1,000,00010%N/AN/ACurrently unlocked and stake-able
Yield Farming3,000,00030%N/AN/A
In-Game Rewards1,000,00010%N/AN/A
Total Supply10,000,000100%

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